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Environmental Management

Auckland’s Port is continually looking to enhance its environmental practices to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment.

Intensive monitoring to avoid contamination of stormwater drainage continued in the 2013/14 financial year. Implementation of our environmental management systems is ongoing and the Port is executing several initiatives in follow up to our first ever external audit last year.

An online environmental induction has been developed for all port users and is currently being rolled out. The induction educates ports users, which include port employees, third-party stevedores and contractors on the Ports’ environmental policy and procedures. With frontline operations staff being more hands on, we have also improved the way in which we monitor our environmental compliance.

Although the Port handle a minimal amount of bulk materials, we are looking at ways to enhance dust control of some of these products.

The next environmental audit is scheduled to take place in November 2014.

Fuel and Energy Management

Managing the use of diesel and electricity at an industrial site such as the Port is critical to a sustainable operation. Phase two of a project to optimise fuel consumption was completed in 2013/14. We are pleased to report that although straddle hours were up 13.4%, fuel use was down 2.6%. The Port would like to see this number reduce further and the team is investigating even more.

2013/14 also saw the successful completion of the trial for the use of LED lighting to further reduce power consumption. A Port wide implementation is currently being assessed.



The use of dredgings – from maintenance dredging and berth deepening – in the reclamation works at the Fergusson Terminal continues to be the Ports’ largest recycling project.

Approximately 20,000 cubic metres of dredged material was used in the reclamation rather than being dumped at sea. The Port also received 14,000 cubic metres of dredgings from other sources such as marinas to be disposed off within our reclamation works.

In addition to dredgings, the Port also recycles the vast majority of materials from pavement maintenance. 1.1ha of pavement was recycled over the course of 2013/14.


20,000 cu-m of dredged material was used in  reclamation works

Environmental Indicators

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